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pawgalaxy-goddess started pestering arrogantGinseller [AG]

I’m gr8 you’re not.

8ut that’s nothing new.

Insert incredi8ly generic greeting here that includes my name 8eing Vriska Serket.

fussyentries started trolling arrogantGinseller [AG]

Serket, Vriska. And pro8a8ly like 8 8ajillion times 8etter than you.

8ut I’m like 8 8ajillion times 8etter than anyone so whatever.

What can I do you for?

For those too stupid to realise, I have risen from the depths of my amazingly soft 8ed and have decided I will allow you all to 8ask in like the glory of my 8ed-head or whatever while I get ready for work.

May8e I should just like, invest in a cushion for this stupid chair instead…


She set herself to away. Are you still supposed to reply to this? You can’t let her have the last word like that, that’s totally CHEATING! But how are you even supposed to retaliate- the fact that you kind of WOULD like your boner in her hands is not something you can be saying here, no way. 

You’ve got to think of something better to say. 
Why are you even trying to think of something better to say?! God, Meenah. Assignment. Concentrate.
You slam your heavy as fuck textbook over your keyboard and start reading. Don’t look at the message Meenah. Don’t. Look. At. The. Message. 
Of course you look at the message. 
Fuck everything. 

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