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Robot hands
Daft Punk





"Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies," from Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite, played using only water glasses.

well done. And quite ethereal.


this is so beautiful and worth listening to even if you think you’ve heard this song a thousand times—ESPECIALLY if you think you’ve heard it a thousand times.

This gave me goosebumps of the good kind


Summertime Cruisin’ by elvolo on Flickr.



Blackberry Gin & Tonic


For the shrub
1 cup blackberries
1 cup balsamic vinegar
3/4 cup sugar

For the gin and tonic
1.5 oz gin
.75 oz blackberry shrub

Blackberries, for garnish


1. In a bowl, toss blackberries with sugar. Let sit for one hour at room temp.

2. Mash the blackberries with a large spoon. Let sit for another hour.

3. Mash the fruit again and then let sit for 24 hours at room temp.

4. Add the vinegar, stir, and let sit, covered, for at least one week, making sure to give it a good stir every day.

5. After a week, strain the fruit from the mixture and save the liquid in a mason jar (or a large container with a cover).

6. To make the gin and tonic, pour the gin into a glass, followed by the shrub. Add a handful of ice cubes and top with tonic. Garnish with fresh blackberries.


jade got right the fuck to business like, step 1, look cute, step 2, look like u can kill a motherfucker jade harley doesnt fuck around


She flops down on the couch next to you, and roll onto your back, lying your hands behind your head with your legs crossed so you can properly look at her.

You watch her as she takes her drink, not really concentrating on what shes doing and more just looking for the sake of it. She wipes her mouth on her sleeve and you smirk. 

"Uh," you say when shes finished talking, leaning over to pick up your bottle again and taking a quick sip before resting it on your stomach. "I don’t know, is it worth it? Cause if it’s kinda boring, we might as well skip it until I’ve got a better hang of the game, but it can be made super fun with like roleplaying and stuff then I wanna do it!"

You think you might be sounding too excited again, but you’ve given up even bothering. If she’s going to shun you for it, then so be it. What’s the worst that can happen? Bar public humiliation of course. 

She rolls over into some really weird, but oddly cute position. You catch her staring at you out of the corner of your eye, and you can feel your cheeks flush a little blue. Maybe you can blame it on the cold or the booze or something.

"Uh well there are roleplaying elements in it and stuff, but it’s kind of long winded, and it’s really only there to give backstory and reasoning as to why the adventurers are doing these fights."

You take another couple of large gulps, burp and then go a little bluer than before. You’re really hoping that she just takes it to be the cold or something like that.

"So really it’s up to you what we do." →


I actually rly like macs??? macs feel sleeker and cleaner to me than windows

we have both macs and pc in college so its rly just take ur pick
i used to hate macs bc i never knew how to use em but theres an entire course dedicated to teaching u how mac computers work so im good

i like learnt to deal with them bc i had to otherwise i wouldnt be able to do my work

i think i kinda mainly hate them bc theyre kinda just eye candy. they look really sleek and stuff, but they cost a fortune and you could get /way/ better kit (like cpu/gpu/ram) for the same price, maybe just a little bit more depending

My 8ack hurts.

Someone fix this.